8"X10" Watercolor of Your Home Plus Digital Image

Donated by: Tim Reidy

Item Description: Architect Tim Reidy will create a 8"X10" watercolor painting or pencil sketch from your favorite photo of your house. Tim will also provide you with a digital image of the artwork in order to create note cards or other items.

About Tim Reidy: In addition to being my son, hardly his claim to fame, Tim is a classically-trained architect from the University of Notre Dame who spent a year in Rome studying, not only architecture, but also watercolor painting. He currently lives in Fairbanks, Alaska where he works on projects ranging from wilderness lodges to fire stations. But Tim holds strong emotional ties to another "home" - Uganda  - where he performed service work and research over the course of four years. Tim's Notre Dame honors thesis researched the traditional vernacular of Ugandan architecture and the redesign of two Ugandan refugee camps near Gulu. The design incorporated that traditional vernacular, sustainable design and local materials. The inspiration for this auction was in large part due to Tim.

Market Value: $50
Starting Bid: $10


CJ Omololu said...

Looks cool - I'll bid $50.

Unknown said...

55.00 mkmblakemore@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

mkmblakemore@gmail.com 75.00

J Mo said...


Anonymous said...


Jean Reidy said...

The auction is now officially closed. Winners will be notified shortly and auction results will be posted soon. Thank you for participating.